Brainstorm Session
You know sometimes you just wanna pick someone’s brains or get their thoughts on something without signing up for a coaching package?

Well that my friend is a “Brainstorm Session” with me - it is 1 hour where you get to ask me anything you want and I’ll share with you everything I know
If you’ve never used online teleconferencing before, it's basically an app on your phone that lets you send voice notes to each other in real time as well as text messages, images and videos.
I am able to use any of the following apps – Voxer, Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram.
You choose the medium that suits you!
It’s perfect for bouncing ideas or getting feedback/advice on something in a super flexible way where you don’t have to be seated in front of (or tied to) a screen/laptop to do so.
The best way to know if a “Brainstorm Session” is perfect for you is to know what I’m REALLY good at helping with and what I’m NOT the best person for 
(which I’ve listed below).

What if you don’t see what you want help with listed below? Feel free to get in touch via the pink button in the bottom corner and I’ll happily let you know if it’s something I can help with 💞
Things I’m REALLY good at helping with:
💜Brainstorming a new service, education course or program (whether 1:1, group, or online)

💜 Looking at exactly where to start in starting your health business

💜 Where to ‘find clients’ and knowing where they are hanging out

💜Pricing your services/offerings in a way that FEELS GOOD and VALUES yourself

💜 Looking at whether a collaboration with another health service provider would be right for your business

💜 Mapping out a free challenge, ‘lead magnet’, or other cool freebie that helps build your community and brings you new clients

💜 Finding ways to create a more ‘passive’ income in your business

Things I’m NOT the best person to help with :
❌ Reviewing long form ‘sales page’- a really awesome copywriter would be better at this

❌How to create ‘funnels’ in your business - this is definitely not my jam, but I can direct you to some amazing peeps who can help with this!

❌ In depth ‘tech set up’- a really awesome VA would be better for this and I can certainly recommend some amazing ones!

❌ Social media ‘content’ and what to do post/when - again I have some amazing peeps who are awesome at doing this!
Plus when you book a Brainstorm Session - you also get this bonus
…because who doesn’t love a good bonus? ❤️✌️
When you grab a “Brainstorm Session” you also get bonus access to my client only Facebook group - Authentic Healthpreneur Mastermind. It’s a place where you can share your progress, updates or a-ha moments after your “Brainstorm Session” as well as meet some cool fellow health clinicians also dedicated to starting, growing and streamlining their health business.
Authentic Healthpreneur Private Group
Ready to book a Brainstorm Session?
Then here’s what you need to do…
Step 1 : Secure your Brainstorm Session 👇
Step 2 : Choose a date/time that fits with your plans
Want to know if we gel and work well together?
Great question - here’s your answer…
Because I believe in investing your health business in ways that REALLY work for you - below you’ll find who I coach best so you can be super happy before you sign up ❤️👌🏼
Who I work REALLY well with..
💜 People who love doing business in a simple, easy and effective ways

💜 People who believe in themselves and like to seek advice rather than be ‘told what to do’

💜 People who enjoy sharing their work and finding fun new ways to help the people they work with

Who I’m NOT the best person to help..
❌ People who have frantic or hyperactive tendencies and jump from idea to idea and thought to thought

❌ People who doubt themselves (or their ideas) more than they believe in themselves

❌ People who hate ‘selling’ or ‘marketing’ and would prefer do ANYTHING other than talk about/share their work

What days do you hold Brainstorm Session? 
Tuesdays 9am - 2pm, Thursdays 9am - 2pm
How much does the Brainstorm session cost in my local currency?
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